How Charcoal Helps Detox Your Skin

There are a massive amount of chemicals that go into many skincare products. It’s enough to overwhelm a person, but you can narrow things down based on what your objectives are for your skin.

There are more environmental toxins around us than ever before. From pollutants in the air to the chemicals you’re exposed to daily, your skin can bear the brunt of the damage, resulting in a dull, damaged, or acne-prone complexion.

If detoxing is your goal, bentonite clay and salt are both detoxifying agents you’ll often find, but when you want the best of the best, turn to a product that contains activated charcoal. 

Activated Charcoal Benefits

Activated charcoal is what you get when you expose common charcoal to high heat. This natural ingredient has a strong capacity for trapping chemicals and toxins. When you apply an activated charcoal mask, the natural porousness of the substance can draw out impurities from the skin. This removes trapped dirt and bacteria, giving you a clearer complexion. 

The success of activated charcoal relies on physical contact, so many believe that the most effective way to take advantage of its benefits is through a mask. Think of it as a facial sponge that absorbs the oil and other debris on the surface of your skin. Once you wash it off, it can remove the oil, reduce acne, and even make your pores seem to be smaller. 

There are many oils and alcohols that can irritate oily skin, while some parabens and other additives can aggravate a dry complexion. But what’s so special about activated charcoal is that it is good for skin types, from dry to sensitive, mature, and combination. 

A Great Combination

Activated charcoal partners well with other ingredients to make skincare easy. For example, products that contain both activated charcoal and CBD can naturally soothe the skin, detoxifying and hydrating it in a single application.

SkinZen Wellness specializes in creating spectacular skincare products using natural ingredients like activated charcoal and CBD. If you’re interested in seeing what this mineral can do for you, check out our products today or talk to our skincare experts.