Surfer Skin: How Using Active Charcoal Helps

Ask any surfer, and they’ll tell you just how freeing riding the waves can be. That feeling of being carried on a current with the sun on your back and the cool mist on your skin can be intoxicating. 

However, as exhilarating as surfing is, it can also be damaging to your skin. This is such a common circumstance in the community that it has its own name, “surfer skin.” 

What is Surfer Skin?

Surfer skin happens after your skin is regularly exposed to the sea, sand, salt, and sun. When you mix these components together, your skin can wind up dehydrated, red, blotchy, and generally uncomfortable. 

This doesn’t mean you have to get off the board for good. All you have to do is take extra measures to protect and restore your skin so that you’re ready to catch a wave with confidence and comfort. Incorporating active charcoal into your skincare routine can help to make that happen. 

Activated charcoal works to absorb dirt, salt, and other debris from the surface of the skin. This natural but powerful substance can hold bacteria thousands of times its own mass. Best of all, when you wash it off, your skin will be fresh and clean, as activated charcoal pulls out toxins. 

And if you’re looking to specifically treat surfer skin, charcoal will exfoliate better than salt, soothing the irritation that’s often caused by saltwater. However, you might get the best benefits from a product that features activated charcoal and CBD, which can help rehydrate skin while cleansing it, too.

A mask is generally the best way to apply activated charcoal and experience its full effects. At SkinZen Wellness, we offer a purifying charcoal mask with hemp infusion, which can help to purify and balance the skin, no matter what your skin type may be - interested in learning more? Contact our team members to learn more about the benefits of activated charcoal and other natural ingredients.