About Us

Our passion to create the safest and most effective products for healthy, youthful skin is where we discovered a number of problems with products being purchased today.  

When the skin’s barrier isn’t properly regulated, inflammation and impaired wound healing can result. Conversely, the activation of cannabinoid receptors can reduce inflammation and fend off skin disease. So, it’s believed that preserving the function of endogenous cannabinoid compounds can help treat skin disease. CBD is ten times more effective in permeating the layers of the skin than THC, making it the preferred skincare ingredient to support cannabinoid compounds.  

Our journey began by helping those around us look and feel better, those who matter the most — our own families. We have a passion for being able to connect the goodness in the soil to the wellness of those looking for the highest quality products with proven results. We won’t compromise. We won’t take the easy way out. Welcome to Skin Zen, because it’s time to love your skin.