Tracilea Young

Tracilea Young’s journey began as the personal assistant to Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley. It was here that she had a front row seat to watching the building blocks of a billion dollar brand unfold and was able to contribute and work side by side industry icons. Soon after departing Oakley, Tracilea ventured into the health and wellness industry and entered into the medical aesthetics industry. Tracilea’s realization that what was put into your body has the ability to enhance our skin, eyes and hair. As her eight children grew, so did her passion for health , wellness and skin care so she began teaching organic wellness and living her best life. Her many business successes found her partnering with a newly discovered skin care line where she quickly developed national and international skincare accounts. Tracilea’s passion and leadership drove sales well above the million dollar monthly threshold. Tracilea’s expertise with plant medicine gave her the drive and burning desire to create her own brand. She embarked on a new and exciting path of skin care products that nourish, hydrate and encourage natural anti aging with the addition of high quality CBD. Tracilea entered the world of combining nature with science, an industry with boundless potential and promising ingenuity.

A skincare line was born. Skin Zen was born to deliver the latest innovations in aesthetics, incorporating the important combination of nourishment and plant based wellness. The Skin Zen team is made up of experienced, talented practitioners who aspire to deliver the change our clients desire without sacrificing a natural appearance.